Monday, November 26, 2007

Not much new

Have been so busy working on my house and getting through Thanksgiving haven't posted to my blog in a while. Haven't sewed much. Have worked on a little Christmas tree skirt have had for a few years. Got it off a moving job where a lady gave us stuff that was left over in her house along with a bunch of other craft supplies. It is a muted pink and gold and I have been embroidering metallic gold around the gold and pink metallic around the pink. Then have added the acrylic flower beads I like so well to all the flowers on half of it so far, plus beads to all the berries. I have a pink Christmas tree I plan to use it under. Will take pics soon whether I finish it or not.

We got a lot of snow for us Thanksgiving day and a day later. Was really beautiful and enjoyed every minute of it. The kids sure had a good time having snow ball fights and there were snowmen all over town. Everyone took advantage of the rare snow that was enough snow to do something in.

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Susan said...

Oh, that sounds lovely. I look forward to seeing a picture of it. Is this to be ready for this Christmas? Cleaning up a UFO?

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