Friday, March 23, 2007

Here are pictures of the blank Peacock CQ blocks that I still have to embellish.

this was my first block I put together and did some practice embroidery on.
Finally found time to take pictures of the lace I dyed. Here are 4 pictures of the best of them. I mixed my dye colors in small jars then used a paint brush to brush the dye onto the lace. Some of the teal, blue, green ones I had to over dye as it didn't come out as dark a I wanted the first time. I am happy with the results.
This first picture is of some of the pink/blue combination and some other colors.

This is the best of the blue/teal/green combination

This is a mixture of all the colors I tried.

Last picture is more of the pink/blue combination and some other mixed in.
Enjoyed doing this and the results can't wait until I start a new project so can try some other colors.

Finished another block for the peacock Crazy quilt. First is the overall picture

Here is a close up picture showing the purple beads sewn on each spot on the peacock's tail and it's crest.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cancer donation block

Here is another block, this one to be donated to a cancer fundraiser in Omaha, I think it was. I am now working on my next Peacock CQ block and will take a picture when it is finished. Don't lack too much on it.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Worked on this little block last week. It is 6 1/2 inches and a new challenge to make everything fit with in the seam lines. I find that the really hard thing for me is actually putting the block together where all the fabric pieces come all the way to the edge of the seam line. This one is a little short in a couple of places. I spent lots of time Friday night practicing by putting together 5 (I think) blocks for the peacock crazy quilt. One of the blocks I will use in the beading rr I just joined. Will post pics of those later.
On this little block I tried out all kinds of flowers using different ribbons. I like the way they turned out. My first spider web and spider.
This little block are the fabrics I picked out to do a jewel tone block for donation to a cancer fund raising quilt. Have started working on it today.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Another peacock cq block done

I finished my second peacock RR crazy quilt block. Am taking a break for a couple of days now that the weather is finally warming up enough to function in this cold house I need to put away Christmas decorations. Also am reorganizing our family room. Is so cluttered I can't function in it.

Here are the two blocks I have made together.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My newest interest, Crazy Quilting

I have recently started working on crazy quilting. I joined a round robin that is a Peacock theme. Am really enjoying it. The first picture is of the block I submitted in the RR. The peacock on the right top is one of the ones made for me by my secret pal a couple of years ago and thought they would be perfect to use in this project.

Here is the same block with the work added by Brenda in the Round Robin

The center peacock is another one of the ones made for me by my secret pal.
Today I spent the WHOLE day dyeing venice lace, other laces, silk ribbons, and fabric to use in this RR as well as on my own blocks. Was really fun and they seemed to have turned out really well. Will see tommorow when I rinse them out. I also dyed a ball of crochet thread and some fabric pieces in the same colors.
I have plans to make a white crazy quilt The idea came from when my Dad brought home a bunch of white rags years ago. They were such pretty fabrics I confiscated them from him and have saved them ever since to someday use in a crazy quilt. I plan to start that one very soon. Have collected lots of white, off white fabrics, lace, etc. since then to use in it. I probably have enough to make a couple of quilts.
Wish I had more time in the days to do all these projects I would like to do.

A Little About Me

Hi and Welcome! I am 50 years old, married with 2 girls Andrea and Crystal, and 3 grandchildren. A girl, Jesi who is 13 that we are raising and a boy, Christian, who is 6 and, lives with Mom. Andrew James or Peanut is 6months old and brother to Jesi. We live in a house built in 1897 that is not in the best of shape but we are working on it and we love it. It is a 2 story colonial style with big columns and a big wrap around front porch. We also have 6 cats, of which only part of are allowed in the house, and 5 dogs. A Momma dog and 4 puppies. She had 9, we gave one away, then they all came down with parvo. I lost 4 but was able to save 4. A heartrending experience but was just glad to be able to save any. No help from the vet as they want so much money but found some homeopathic remedies that actually worked. I also have a 7 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is my baby. She goes everywhere with me, sleeps under the covers with me, and is just the cutest thing ever.