Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What I've been working on July 23

The projects I have been working on besides the dollhouse are these two blocks. The first is one of my peacock blocks. Have been trying out lots of stitches using the book "Elegant Stitches" by Judyth Montano. The scroll stitch, maidenhair stitch, a combination of lazy daisy and featherstitch, double chevron, a russian chain stitch, and the loop stitch. The peacock applique I bought on ebay, along with several others. This is an oriental block I am planning to use in a oriental throw. Here have started with a cherry tree covered with blossoms, a chain stitch and bead seam treatments. Have started a cluster of SRE flowers. These are the ones I did while making the videos. Will be adding to that now that have the cherry tree done. Oh and will probably add more to the cretan stitch I did on another seam.
Tommorow will be getting ready to go on a camping trip to a lake not too far away. SIL has rented cabins so won't be roughing it too much. I have already packed my tackle box. Of course it is full of beads and threads and silk ribbon, not fishing tackle. Have all my peacock blocks to work on in my little minnow bucket.

I'll also be taking a card table to work on doll house furniture and have some fabric peices in case inspiration hits me for more little pillows or things to use in the doll house. Maybe will have some more pics and interesting stories when i get back.

Round Robin updates

I finished up working on a few Round Robins the past couple of days. The first one is what I added to Candji's block in a beading round robin. I did a beaded feather stitch with little pink flowers, a scroll seam treatment right next to it with beads, and a cluster of SRE flowers with bead clusters and accents. The next 2 are from the peacock Round Robin, Mari's and Sandi's. I did the paisley on this one, am definitly addicted to those, a chain stitch next to it with beads, and a maidenhair stitch seam treatment.
On this one I did another maidenhair seam treatment, the cluster of flowers in SRE on the pink patch, and a snail trail stitch seam treatment.

These blocks have been so fun to work on, love the colors and fabrics and I collect peacock things so love seeing everyone's different ideas for peacocks.

Friday, July 20, 2007

July 22

I must confess that I have been bitten by the dollhouse and miniature bug. Here is one called the Harrison that was given to me and I have been working on it for a couple of weeks now. The top photo is the before pic from when it was given to me, and this next one is what I have done so far. I still lack the shingles on the roof, doors, deck rail on the extension at the far end and just some fine tuning. Then lots and lots of work on the inside.This is an expensive project so am doing as much as I can by hand. Last year I bought a bunch of the House of Miniature kits for furniture and have put almost all of those together. Will take pics of those in a day or two, still lack a coat of polyurethane before they are finished. I hardly paid anything for those kits a year ago, but the price has doubled or more since then. Here is a pic of one of the beds, not the one I plan to use this bedspread on but haven't bought the other one yet! Lol! I just finished the little bedspread and pillows today. Still need a little shaping to hang right. They have Silk Ribbon Embroidered flowers on them. We're very fun to make. I'll be making everything that can be made out of fabric myself. Am off to make a few throw pillows now!

These are the last blocks I made for an Egyptian themed swap. I made 4 so i get 4 back. Plan to use the ones I get back to make a wall hanging or throw for DH. He is fascinated with all things Egyptian and especially the pyrimids.

On this first block I used one of the buttons that I thought looked like pyrimids in the button cluster. I found the little camel on eBay as a trim of a row of camels and cut it apart to use a few on each block. The egyptian charm is from a pair of earrings I have had since the 80's. I used some wood beads have had for years and some trim I have had a while that has coins with egyptian looking symbols on one side and oriental on the other. All the embroidery borders and designs are from a Dover Egyptian themed transfer pattern book. Got the little charm on this one on eBay. These are what almost made me late for this swap, took forever to get them, but she sends them off and has them made and the price is very very good. I also used some other little metal discs, more embroidery, and my second attempt at adding one of those little mirrors. Sheisha I think it is called. I could not do it in thread so tried it in beads and turned out pretty good.
Another of those charms on this one, of a sphinx this time. I did a lot of experimenting with different stitches and combinations on these blocks and learned in the process. I like my cat with the earring in his nose and ear. Have a couple of cats around here that think they should be treated as royalty.
Used the pyrimid charm on this one, more of those old wooden beads, and lots of experimenting on those seam treatments. Had to add a scarab beetle somewhere.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

tiny rose

This is the cutest little rose and so simple. I like to make little tiny ones out of 2 or 4 mm ribbon.

Stem Stitch or Back Stitch Rose

Here is the instructions for a stem stitch or what I call a back stitch rose.

Gathered Flower instructions video

Here is instructions for making a gathered flower. keep in mind that My granddaughter is doing the filming and we are outside. The flys are driving us crazy so these are a little bouncy.
Spider web rose instructions

Monday, July 2, 2007

Newest work

This first block is one I did for a lady in a sane quilting RR. Decided a simple 1/2 sq triangle border would be good and add some interest with all the triangles pointing in the same direction.
Here is another Choose Your own Theme block I made. The lady said to try new things on her Garden theme block so i sure did. the little red border at the bottom is a two post lazy daisy with straight stitches. Above that is a design i got out of the book Elegant Stitches. And above that is another from the same book with lazy daisy stitch and cretan stitch which I am still getting used to. In the SRE cluster I tried a new little rose in the light blue. It is just stitching the ribbon in an accordian and stitching straight through. Very cute tiny roses. Nearly all the seam treatments were new ones I tried. Got a little carried away on this one but it was fun to make.

I have actually mostly worked on the 4 Egyptian themed blocks and am almost through with them. but not quite, so will post pics when i do finish them.

A Little About Me

Hi and Welcome! I am 50 years old, married with 2 girls Andrea and Crystal, and 3 grandchildren. A girl, Jesi who is 13 that we are raising and a boy, Christian, who is 6 and, lives with Mom. Andrew James or Peanut is 6months old and brother to Jesi. We live in a house built in 1897 that is not in the best of shape but we are working on it and we love it. It is a 2 story colonial style with big columns and a big wrap around front porch. We also have 6 cats, of which only part of are allowed in the house, and 5 dogs. A Momma dog and 4 puppies. She had 9, we gave one away, then they all came down with parvo. I lost 4 but was able to save 4. A heartrending experience but was just glad to be able to save any. No help from the vet as they want so much money but found some homeopathic remedies that actually worked. I also have a 7 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is my baby. She goes everywhere with me, sleeps under the covers with me, and is just the cutest thing ever.