Sunday, September 2, 2007

Update on Dollhouse work

All of these pictures are the dollhouse and furniute I have been making, from kits of course! I have been collecting the House of Miniature furniture kits and started putting them together. These kits are really fun and of very high quality. Wish the company would start making them again. I have paid top dollar for some of the rarer pieces. the two chairs were the hardest pieces I have made as far as trying to line up the parts and get them to stay that way until the glue set. Most of the furniture I have used a aged oak stain on. Some, as in this picture, I used a bottle of the mahogany stain that originally came with the kits. I have run out of that though, so bought some mahogony stain. It is different but pretty too. I know originally all these pieces were done in the really dark stains but I like the lighter stains much better.
The clock was an adventure. I glued mine together backwards, bought one from another lady that had hers partly done, so I put the two together and I still managed to put the border around the clock face on upside down. Oh well, it's unique now.
I made this little stool and decided I would do a cross stitch design for the seat. Thought this heart pattern was cute.
Don't know if you can see but have some of the tiny spatterware utensils on the dry sink. I found a set of cannisters, cup holder and cups, cooking utensils, pots and pans, coffee pot and cups, and dishes. Just too cute.

Here is some of the dining room furniture. Notice more of the spatterware dishes. The little white things are cookies my 7 year old Grandson made for me. I am upholstering the chairs in a green velvet that I used to have my real antique dining room chairs covered in.
I just love the variety of pieces in these kits. The one on the left is a desk on frame. Just too cute.
Here is some of the bedroom furniture. Still need to make a bedspread for this bed.
Living room furniture. I am trying to use all fabrics that mean something or are vintage. Both the pink and the black velvet came out of a old doll museum that we cleaned out quite a few years ago. These fabrics were used as display drapes. The pink is a soft satin with a paisley design and the black has a pink and white bird design on it.
Have mostly done touch ups to the outside of the dollhouse. Second coat of paint on the trim, etc. I did put the deck together. For the floor of the deck I used tongue depressors and stained it with redwood stain. The railing is various pieces stained with the same redwood stain. It's not perfect but I like it. I need to put shingles on each end and top and will be through with the outside except any landscaping I deside to add. Need to finish the electrical next so can start working on the inside.


Gerry said...

This looks as fun as decorating a real house (and probably nearly expensive. LOL). But so much easier! You're doing a wonderful job.

Susan said...

That is just fabulous. I'm so impressed with all you've accomplished. You said bedspread for the bed - aren't you making a quilt?

Maddie Can Fly said...

I have these same kits and have put many of them together also. I agree with the grandfather clock kit -- took me forever! You've really been busy and I think you have many more of the kits then even I do (LOL)

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