Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24, 2007

What a challenging and fun block to make this one was. It is a Geronimo Choose your own theme block for a lady in our group named Jane. I looked up pics for Geronimo and Apache Indians and came up with quite a few images. My favorite is the dream catcher. I had the fabric pic of the canoe from a quilt I made for my daughter and thought it was perfect for the theme so framed it in the center. As I forgot to use the focus fabric in the block itself I made yo yo flowers to accent the center. I have had the saquaro cactus and thunderbird concho's for years so used them adding a little tassel for each. For the button bead cluster I used some coconut shell beads have also had for years, as well as some old buttons, and feather shaped charms from an old broken necklace. The fall leaves seemed to match, and I found the pic of the needlepoint thunderbird online and used waste canvas to turn it into a needlepoint pic. Oh, and that glorious fringe! I just loved it when I bought it, then never had anything to use it on. the color was just perfect so it was the first thing I added. The couched ribbon was some Jane included in her baggie and I added beads of various kinds to it. Here is another kitty kitty block I worked on for a lady named Kate. Can you find the kitty hiding among the flowers? These are acrylic flowers with a button kitty. I used beads for the dragonflies trail that the kitty is fixing to pounce on. I think I did the seam treatment below it but can't even remember. Oh well, Quiltimers has hit again. I do remember block was pretty full and still a few people to work on it so wanted to leave some room.
Another Kitty kitty block. This prissy little kitty is just sitting among the flowers after walking across the block, see paw prints on yellow patch. I also added the beaded feather stitch in red and the red and white with beads chain stitch.
Back to sane quilting. I wanted to add some interest and character so only did rows on 2 sides of this center using the friendship block. I love the RR's that come back with row encroaching upon previous rows and hope this gives this RR some of that character of thinking outside the box. The colors were hard to match on this one with fabric from my stash. Never realized how much color variation there are between different batiks, even if they look similar.
That's about all I have done so far. Have another Choose your own theme block am working on and still working on that dollhouse. Mostly boring structual stuff for the moment. Will write about that next time.

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Jane said...

Hi Julie, Peaked into see how your dollhouse is coming and saw you posted about Geronimo. Your work is absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait to see it up close and personal. Thank you sooo much for all you put into it!!!!!

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