Monday, April 2, 2007

New blocks and my blooms

This my first finished block for a white crazy quilt I am making. I actually hope to sell this one. I don't know how these sell but am going to try. I bought so much white "stuff" I figured I could use some to make one or two to sell. I have started the second block and love how it is coming along. Should have it finished in a day or two.
This is my blank block for the Kitty Kitty round robin. this one is going to be fun

This is the first time my wisteria has bloomed and it is AT LEAST, 10 years old. So am proud that if FINALLY bloomed. And it smells sooo good!

I had to share a picture of my Lady Banks rose bush, it is humongous and just loaded with flowers this year. When i bought and planted it I never realized it would get so big but it is technically a climbing rose and it is slowly but surely taking over my whole front yard. I remember that my Mom had one in her back yard. Not anywhere near this big but I just loved all those clusters of tiny perfect roses.


Susan said...

The white block is absolutely gorgeous! You have done such a beautiful job on everything. I looked at the close-up for a long time.

The kitty block is too cute! Love the cat fabric. I was so tempted, but I'm in 4 right now, and had enough sense not to succumb.

I love the smell of wisteria. The good thing about summering in South Dakota is that it will bloom in early June.

The rosebush is gorgeous! What a wonderful bloomer!

Ati. said...

Your "white" block looks lovely!
And all the naked blocks below too.
I come back and visit you to see how they will look when they are embellished :)

Cathy said...

Hey, stranger! I love that black and white print you've used on the Kitty RR block. :) Unfortunately, I knew I'd be too busy to be able to sign up, however, I do plan to catch one of these --- hopefully we'll be in one RR together.

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